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Gigafactory 1

Located near Reno the Gigafactory 1 is Tesla's first purpose build battery factory.

Tesla owns the land and building, and leases part of the building to Panasonic, which owns some of the cell production equipment.

Tesla manufactures Tesla Energy products and the car batteries in the same facility.

Gigafactory 1 Drone Footage

We search the internet for the latest drone footage for all tesla production locations.

Video's are orderd by date , newest always first for easy viewing

Gigafactory 1 Timelapses

Every month we compile a timelapse for each Tesla production location from that month's imagery.

Browse the various available months quickly see the progression of each Tesla production site.

Gigafactory 1 Documents

View published documentation released by tesla or other organisations relevant to the Tesla production locations.

For your convenance we have a integrated PDF reader , or download the document if your device doesn't support it.

Gigafactory 1 News

Want to learn about news concerning gigafactory 1 ?

Read about production , saboutage attempts and other developments on

Gigafactory 1 wiki

Read the wikipedia about Gigafactory 1 to get up to speed about the development of the world largest battery facility owned by tesla.

Official Gigafactory 1 Website

Tesla is always evolving the Gigafactory, testing new manufactuaring concepts and factory floor layout and design to optimise production capacity.

A good place to learn more about Gigafactory 1 is the official webpage.

Gigafactory 1 on Buildzoom

You can tell alot about what is going on at Gigafactory 1 by looking at the permits.

Buildzoom is a website where you can look at these permits.

Use the link below to show the permit history of Gigafactory 1.

Gigafactory 1 Job Openings

Looking for a job at the Gigafactory 1 ?

You are in luck ! Tesla is always looking for personal to employ.

Take a look at the open Gigafactory 1 jobs by using the this link.

Gigafactory 1 Location

So , where is the Gigafactory 1 ?

Gigafactory 1 is located near Reno in Nevada. It is visible from space !

Take a look at the Gigafactory 1 on google maps.